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The phallic rock

A particular: the phallic rock


In this site there is a cylindrical phallic structure, characterized from the presence on the summit of seven cup-marks, with that central greatest. The petrographic analysis (Chiari R.) has allowed to establish that this rock  (Dolomia Saccaroide - Portovenere's Unit) is made up by coarse-medium Dolomite (62-1 000 micron) from sub-euedral to sub-planar, with "saddle" crystals (up to cm ½) with displacive dedolomitization.

These cup-marks would seem, at sight, karst microformes (natural origin) but the extraordinary circular symmetry of this system, not found in the surrounding rocks, leans for a natural-anthropic mixed form.

The same semantic construction is on the Persico's altar near Campiglia - Cinque Terre (etimology from Oscan persklum = altar stone) characterized by a circle of nine cup-marks (blank scale 8 cm)


The cup-mark circle

The phallic rock

The central cup-mark A cup mark A cup mark A cup mark A cup-mark A cup mark A cup mark