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Some years ago, while studying the morphology of Oscan and Celtic toponyms on the Caprione, the most eastern promontory of the Liguria Riviera (Oscan etymology kaprum = scapegoat) we have discovered five holy megalithic (literal meaning = big stones) places, not reciprocally visible.
Using holism we performed geological analyses to demonstrate the presence of human work on creating these megalithic structures (E. Calzolari & D. Gori, 1999) although these analyses cannot be used as a specific dating test they do show that there has been no recent anthropological action.
We have checked that the megalithic places are located near faults, fractures, dolines, and ancient water springs.
While studying connections between geology and geobiology, we have laid out the five holy megalithic places in a Nautical Chart (I.I.M., 1995) and in some Regional Technical Maps (1:5 000) and used G.P.S. coordinates to verify that they are located according to the Cassiopeia constellation. ID=156

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